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Fluffy was featured in the March/April 2003 issue of Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine.
Mini Swizzle was featured in the 2003 mini's Issue of Teddy Today Magazine.
One of a kind Buttercup, appeared in Teddy bear Review march 2001
One of a kind Sunset, appeared in Teddy bear Review march 2001
Domino was featured in Teddy Today Magazine.
Swizzle was featured in Teddy bear Review, 2 times in Teddy bear and Friends Magazine, Teddy today, and the Canadian Teddy bear news.
Summer was featured in Teddy Today Magazine
Gem was Featured in Teddy bear and Friends and Teddy bear Review.
Flake was featured in Teddy Bear Review
An article appeared on me and the bears in the March/April 2001 issue of Teddy Bear Review.
(I will see if I can post it here sometime)
One of my most published bears. "Rocket" Has been featured in the Jan/Feb 2001 Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine, Patriotic bears issue. July/August 2001 Teddy Bear and Friends, Teddy bear Artists Studio.
and the March/April 2001 Teddy Bear Review magazine, Cutting edge.
Jewel Featured in the Teddy bear and Friends Magazine, March/April 2001 Friends issue.
Tangerine is a Bear World finalist for April 98, 'Bear of the Month' contest and is also featured in the March/April 2001 Teddy bear Review, Beartopia
Mystery Bunny was featured in the sping 2000 issue of Teddy Today Magazine.
There is an article on Canadian Artists in the April 2000 Teddy bear Club international. There is a piece on me and the bears.. no photos unfortuatly though.
"Calee" Featured in the June 1999 Teddy Bear And Friends Magazine, Tribute to Tiny Teddies issue

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