This little cutie is Teddy
He is was born November 1999, he is a miniature Pomeranian

This is Sunny the newest edition to the Clan. This is a kitten photo as I haven't had time to get a new photo of him yet. He is a Maine Coon.

spooky!My sweet spooky!
Spooky, I adopted this hairy Critter in March 1999 at the
local humane society. He is about 2 years old and is a German shepherd cross
he has the most wonderful long fuzzy coat and spectacular yellow eyes! He reminds me of a big teddy bear. A real sweetheart of a dog!


Roman is a wonderful rotti cross, we adopted a few years ago him
from a family who could no longer control him. He is a ball
of energy and an eating machine!

Ernie is a miniature Pomeranian , he is a whole 4 pounds and
has the heart of a lion... Able to kill any large animal that
comes in his path :) He has had run in's with moose, deer, a skunk
and many of our neighbors dogs. Lets just say his Bark is MUCH worse than
his bite!

If you are looking for a wonderful pet of your own please visit
your local animal shelter or humane society. My wonderful
Spooky had been at the shelter for over a month
and would have certainly faced an untimely death if I had not come along and rescued him!

Help control the pet population and
have your pets spayed or neutered!

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